WATCH ME JIGGLE (Bye Bye Cellulite)

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Hello hello my metapods!

Back in Hong Kong! Back with the dogs. Sister is visiting. Back to vlogging. Life is good.

In today’s vlog:

Watch me JIGGLE! Bye Bye cellulite
Chubbi & Domo learn new tricks
Scaring Domo… again!
What I look like as an old lady
When your neighbour LOVES Karaoke too much

Have an awesome week everybody!

Love Bubz, Tim, Chubbi & Domo xox


Bluey Berry says:

Is it really work to get rid of cellulite ?

Sherry Zhu says:

Omg when they came home the doggy take turn to see them like Tomo is at Lindy and chubby is with Tim than they switched and switch again and switch again so adorable 😂😂😂

Cake Popz says:

The end made me laugh so hard!

Eunice Ahn says:


Eunice Ahn says:

i was like LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadiya Chowdhury says:

Your legs look so tan! I love it! 

Michelle Lam says:

Is your name Linda ?? I thought it was Lindy?

MarianeI101 says:

yeah i would like to know what that machine is too and if i can find it on amazon or ebay,please message me back if u have read this…thanks lindy :)

melanie agosto says:

What's the name of the machine

Melanie Diaz says:

As soon as I saw this video I went to try the aging thing xd

BrexyyBear98 says:

what is the exercise machine called? 

Michelle Zhou says:

lol the age transformation part was funny XD

Aryadna Jimenez says:

Is yor sis yor twin?

astric184 says:

lol, oh Domo :P

Cali Chips says:

hahahha…just like Philippines…karaoke are everywhere!!!

itsumani33 says:

Omg the karaoke person at the end xD

Yesenia Delarosa says:

the person singing karaoke is funny

Hannah Amell says:

I can hardly tell the difference from you and April.

Jady B says:

Lol! Twerk twerk twerk

aozora21 says:

your face retirement photo was so funny! and your dogs are so cute!

Jessica Chen says:

lol, im exactly the same size as you XD

Wolfiemidnightlily AJ says:

My puppy two puppys name is chubblie and domo

Empress Jade says:

When you scared April awake, it reminded me of my sister Connie waking ME up. Connzilla is not pretty when she rips your comforter out of your warm bed WITH the airconditioner on. Why is it on???? You tell me.

Kelly Duong says:

So funny

Katalina Lee says:

You are so funny! And your dogs!

yasmine reggani says:

Hi bubz I love your videos so much I can't stop smiling when I watch it
So …..
Plz do a video on your house coz I feel is so beautiful just a video on your house I really want to see it's 

Kas B says:

I really like how Tim says "yeah, it doesn't hurt as much." Lol has he used it? (:

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