Vicks Vapo Rub belly wrap/ stretch mark repair/era

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Vics vapo rub wrap results video now uploaded!!!!!!


TuMamii Aztëka says:

Did your stretch marks go away?

Vashti Francis says:

lmao thats so funny. if it turns you on then im happy for you

John Shaft says:

Ok, with the blues music and all. It;s like a reverse strip tease. Ha! Is that wrong??

June Connor says:

You are Brilliant..!!!   THX..!!

Perla Pecina says:

what else did you use Vicks nd the bottle what is it

Perla Pecina says:

what else did you use Vicks nd the bottle what is it

Khariana Thomas says:

how often do you change it?

La'Jerra Jackson says:

Why did you twisted it so it can stay in place and can do I have to use the oil

Lisa Surles says:

Hi is the wrapping a lot means the plastic will stay because it don't. What is the rapeseed oil for? 

sigfrido “slimjim13” corona says:

Excuse me I have three questions. How many time in total did you wrap.yourself in this video? How many times did you wrap yourself when you were at your heaviest weight compared to your smaller size? And what oil did you use I could not make it out?

Isabella Harris says:

I love you demonstration. I know for a fact that it works. I have been doing the wrap myself. I just haven't used that much wrap before, but I will try it out now. Thanks for your time. 

Michelle Amber says:

Update vid???

Vashti Francis says:

My mother used my method after a hernia surgery and got amazing result and better healing of the scars. I even helped ease the discomfort of the healing and provided more abdominal support. She looks amazing.

Vashti Francis says:

As far as how many times i wrapped i did so for the contouring and that it was comfortable for me for my size. You arent shaping if its not actually SHAPING the area.Which is why you wrap to the size you want. The concoction just assists the contouring and helps get rid of the stretch marks. I used my under bust boned corset for abdominal and back support and posture. I never passed out because i ate healthy and drank water and i was active. i got amazing results. Im healthy and sexy. Critics can 💋🐎 my method works. I have positive reviews stating they received great healthy results. Your body looks the way you treat it. I love my body so it loves me back by remaining healthy and fit. Thanks👏👏👏👏👏👍

Tameca Taylor says:

Did uh really have to wrap it that many damn times. My God uh took this wayyyy to far

Marisol Mendoza says:

Todo estaba bien pero pues n veo para q t envuelves tanto no es necesario

brittany hardeman says:

what is the grapseed oil for?

Daimary Cristina says:


camryn daily says:

Damn I felt like u wrapped it 90 times, did it work tho?

Charlotte Sego says:

Thank you for clarifying that. I admire you for trying to stay in shape. Did you check with your doctor? Just to be safe, I wish you would recommend that a person check with their GYN before doing this. I am not a doctor, but closely involved with the field of natural heath. Another concern would  be the possibility of forming of a blood clot.
Blessings, Charlotte

Olga Rivera says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Antoinetta Nignon says:

Ok what is that dose for the belly can you do a video explaining what it is that this dose well you are wrapping up your belly please

Laura Forconi says:


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