UNCONTROLLABLE STRETCH MARKS :( – October 08, 2012 -itsJudysLife Vlog

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tsuwinamarie says:

I honestly love watching these old vlogs and seeing you guys grow! Forever subscribe. <3

Ed Chadwick says:

How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks – Do Not Let Stretch Marks Invade Your Body…

Audrey Chang says:

WOW Judy has really gone DOWNHILL since she started on YouTube. So tragic… THIS is why you don't age in the limelight.

Derian Thompson says:

Your mom sounds like my Lola

Yun Ni says:

do not drink the juice next day , there is no nutrients in it 


I used mama mio too and that crap didnt work!!

Lilianne Sandra says:

Hahhahahhah Benji here is soooo funny! And relaxed 😉

christine r.ramer says:

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laura n.muellers says:

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vivivincenza says:

In Japan, we use those big rice cookers. We cook all the rice up as much as we can, and then freeze it so we can eat it whenever.

And I know this is an old video, but you have to think your little girl and twins will be eating rice one day!!

NiwaBunny says:

benji said what are you doing? do you understand? in japanese to baby

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Rusty Hamada says:

16:46-56 you both are so cute, I love it.

JowanCornelio Voluptuousme says:

hi just wanna ask, what did you apply to make your stretch marks look lighter? Pls comment back. 😉

Rose Lukalo says:

@Judy Here's an Advice about stretch marks from someone who's been there…
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Natasha S says:

Don't know if you look at old commenta but how to you become real estate agent in THE states? 🙂

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