Benefits of Coconut Oil with Baby #3

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Nylah, Blue Marble Baby #3 joins me in discussing the many benefits of Coconut Oil for the body, skin, and hair.


Hans Petersn says:

love how your daughter says she use coconut oil for her lips. so do I

beaytyNbeast says:

try frying your food with coconut oil. tastes great!

Lily Heartly says:

what brand of coconut oil is good to use?

Lord Flies says:

love coconut oil

Brian Hill says:

Castor Oil is great too.

IulianoMusicRo says:

Do you think this can clear up my skin? I have horrible acne.

Rick Mart says:

Coconut Oil is used in my country all the time. This is nothing new.

TGMGlutamateJelly says:

never used it but? will give it a try thanks

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