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once upon a time me and my stretch marks became best friends…we fucked shit up, the end.


Nancie Garcia says:

everyone has "flaws" but idc If you have acne or if you have stretch marks because stretch marks actually mean progress cuz it shows you go to the gym (tiger marks) you fine asf and perfect 👌👌

CollegeBoyRealDeal1 says:

that v-neck

Mia Stubblefield says:

ctfu! im watching this and almost spit out my cereal laughing so damn hard!!

la jefe says:

lmfaooooo 😂😂😂😂

alaya hooker says:

I got stretch marks all over my butt

Emily Williams says:


Chaya Kenney says:

I have them, they're fine

Sade Collins says:

They kinda sexy sorry

pedro soliano says:

those are bodybuilders birthmarks man (:

Anamika Tiwari says:

Anyone know what is Femalix Secrets about? I hear most people completely erase their stretch mark safely with Femalix Secrets (do a google search).

TheMsmarcyela says:

there sexy i love his

Nani F says:

Shit ur hot.. Estás como chevere!

MrSkinny7881 says:

Did you ever use mass gainer protein ? Or was just regular protein. Cause I'm small as you used to be and no homo wanna get as big as you

Yatz Levy says:

I haven't watched your videos in such a long time and you've gotten really muscular! Keep up the good work 😍😘

Thepurpleberry14 says:

LMFAOOO this video made my day

Freddy Mcdickingson says:

Nigga is u mad or nah lol

kira.tta says:

Lord you are fine 

Xavier BenJamin says:

You look smooth:)

Samuel Eavins says:

This is when Travie was making no kinds of gainz

amanda dominguez says:


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