How to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks??? @hodgetwins

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Pretty Boy Flizzy says:

Have them on my lower back :(

Unbroken says:

I have them on my stomach they are nasty

Don Benjamin says:

that nigga teeth yellow af

Ryan Sullivan says:

Never go to a dermatologist for stretch marks because they overcharge. You can get the same results with a derma roller. The derma roller has to be .75mm-1.50mm to work. Make sure you buy a derma roller with 192 pins and made of medical grade stainless steel. Good luck :)


I wear them as badges.

pedro soliano says:

nahh they're bodybuilders birthmark

Nick Grace says:

Hey im 15, and i have these on my shoulders stetching down to my biceps and even on my back. working out and lifting weights are making them even worse, will coco butter n this shit acually make them fade? AGH HELP

quickguesswho says:

i got it on my biceps.

imobeus1 says:

Dermapen gets rid of stretch marks. Dermapen.

Albert Zuniga says:

That was funny! Where is the part two lol?

Ali Alhadhrami says:

Lmfaooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ashley Santiago says:

Dear hodgetwins: there is a way to get rid of stretch marks. And thats by drinking muti-vitamins, drink the highest mg you can find. You can buy them in rite aid on sale buy one and get one free!!! And remember the higher the mg is. The
Faster the stretch marks will leave!!! And it also works on dark marks all over your body. I hope you try it you are going to love the results, I promise ashley 

ClassicBeautyBabez says:

they is a foool lmaoooo omg i am dieiin laughing

nicholas flowers says:

these dudes are fussy as fk

impactofredemption says:

Gttttrrsu if if d yu us

impactofredemption says:

Chemical skin peels will help more than anything. I don't know about when they first come in but after they change color a skin peel every 2-4 weeks for 6 months depending on consintration of TCA will lighten them to the point you won't notice them. 

Austin Roberts says:

I have stretch marks on my arms and it sucks BALLS 


Stretch marks? Thats what happens when u have sex with wolverine

malibutaa says:

Lol Freddy Krueger

curly twirly H. says:

smh omg this made my day seriously lol

medicalCrystals says:

Old white stretch marks can only be removed through abrasion of the top dead layer. Click
 +medicalCrystals  to learn the way how to do it at home.

The Real Dempsey says:

I grew like hell and I got stretch marks on my love handles and biceps. I grew almost a foot when I turned 15 within 5 months 

Juliette Wilson says:

Hey guys, you're both super handsome lol (eye candy), anyway help your girl out by liking , subscribing and sharing my page and videos. Have a video coming up soon about creams and lotions plus oils for soft silky skin and reducing stretch marks. All the best , love your videos. @somethingaboutjulez on instagram. Juliette Wilson on YouTube 😊👍

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