Do Stretch Marks Turn A Guy Off? Ft. Taryn Southern

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Special Thanks to Our Guest & Friend:
Taryn Southern
Twitter: @TarynSouthern
Instagram: @TarynSouthern

Commentary by:
Joe Jo (Twitter: @joverdose)
Bart Kwan (Twitter: @bartkwan)
Geo Antoinette (Twitter: @Geo_Antoinette)
Taryn Southern (Twitter: @Taryn Southern)

Edited by: Nelson Nguyen (Twitter: @Nelson_FTW)

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Artwork by Nina Faelnar

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segamegadrive34 says:

I was expecting these girls to show their stretch marks. how disappointing!

MIchael Harrington says:

Guys can get stretch marks on their penis too. And yes…  it can be a turn-off. But there are penis health cremes available that treat all sorts of skin issues down there. A good creme will contain Vitamin E and shea butter, and if applied daily, will fade the blemishes quite a bit.

Carl Faste says:

I purchased Argan life Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treat ment which was origi nally manu factured for stretch marks. Now, not only I notice, but many of my friends made same com ments too. It is abso lutely worth to try and the cost is cheap for others.

Patrick Ongudu says:

I still fuck the shit out of 1 but a vagina look like a brain or a whole much of chewed out gum together or a pink maze

Winston C says:

female circumcision = just as dumb as male circumcision 

Salo 300 says:

Again, light booty stretch marks are Gods gift to us.

Cynthiaaaxyooj says:

My boyfriend loves my stretch marks! he says they look like lightning lol.

ConnorMurphy says:

Stretch marks on the thighs and ass on a girl is sexy. Ass man here. 

Sam says:

I have big stretch marks on my butt soo I think it is noticeable. My butt just got big . 

liloung sea says:

I have one too on my right butt!! It wasn't visible, but now it is! I'm afraid to wear swimwear or bikini! 

Mealea Hunter says:

I was always insecure about my stretch marks on my butt and thighs. Then my boyfriend and now husband said, "they're like tiger marks, because you're so fierce ;DDD" So yeah, I married him and have his children. 

ryebread1980 says:

What about the flip side? Do women notice or care if a guy has stretch marks on his thighs, inner or outer?

Caro Honest says:

How about having stretchmarks all over your legs and lots of scars at you belly and neck? :(

Hilary Lennon says:

Omg when he started singing the Beatles I freaked out haha 

Galaxy Kxng says:

Taryn x Joe 😱

Shamao Yang says:

Why's Joe not responding to Taryn? He's like -_-

bri h (missbeautybri) says:

I honestly never realized people were insecure about stretch marks until I've seen people talking about it online 

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