DIY coffee cellulite scrub bars ♡ how to get rid of cellulite

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These cute cellulite scrub bars are so simple to make and turn out great! If you don’t have cellulite they also work awesomely as exfoliating bars for radiant skin :). The coffee in these bars is a popular ingredient in combatting cellulite, I also love the smell of them when I use them in the bath ♡ Remember exercise and lifestyle are key lifestyle factors for combatting cellulite.

How to get rid of cellulite: cellulite scrub bars:
6Tbsp coffee (granulated)
5 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp cornstarch
2tsp baking soda
3tsp ground cinnamon
2Tbsp melted coconut oil or cocoa butter

mix all above ingredients together then spray with a spray bottle of water until the mixture is damp. then press into moulds (you can scatter some coffee beans into moulds first if you want). press them down firmly then leave over night before popping out. can be stored in a cool dry place.

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infraredization says:

scientifically how does this work? Are there any peer reviewed research articles that back this up? I can see how this will be an effective exfoliate but I don't understand how it gets rid of cellulite

MsNichelle44 says:

lovely video I will be trying love the accent my dear

Prily Calista says:

is there any substitute for the cornstarch and coconut oil/cocoa butter?

anoroc96 says:

DIY? more like MYBFDI (make your boyfriend do it) what a sweet bf though!

Christiane Collins says:

thank you so much

Alba Johnson says:

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i Recommend this website to all of you who are suffering with cellulite…..

Fahad Al-Faris says:

would u pls demonstrate to see how u apply

Manar Ibrahim says:

I'm hungry

Jennifer Christine says:

Or you could just mix instant coffee with some honey as it's the massaging motion itself that breaks up the cellulite. Those are cute bars, however I don't think I could be bothered to consistently make those but maybe will try sometime.

StylesFromEm says:

hey ela! something you didn't make very clear (unless I missed it) is this instant coffee of coffee grounds? thanks.

Arli Alzula says:

tnx ella! ur always a big help!

Anti-aging Breakthrough (Optimera) says:

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kimboob dickface says:

sorry to bother you but what are the ingredients?

gillian beckett says:

do you shave before or after using the scrub bars???

Siti Raihanah says:

can I get the ingredients used to make it?

charlee anastasia says:

Does anyone else think she's being rude in the beginning?

Hana says:

Is the cornstarch necessary?

Sylvia Young says:

I used to make scrub from coffee grounds… (I was a regular coffee drinker). I used grounds a lil bit of water a lil flour and lil oil (olive or veg) blended it in a bullet to soften the texture and used it in the shower it helped with cellulite and stretch marks and dry skin.

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