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In this interview Tropical Traditions CEO Brian Shilhavy explains how he and his wife, Marianita, discovered virgin coconut oil during the years they lived on Mt. Banahaw in the Philippines. On Marianita’s family homestead, the Shilhavy family resurrected an almost-forgotten method for making hand-crafted wet-milled virgin coconut oil used for centuries by native Filipinos. From their Philippine homestead, the Shilhavy family was the first to export virgin coconut oil from the Philippines to the United States, where they found consumers eager for a handcrafted, organic, virgin coconut oil.

Shilhavy explains in the video how their Gold Label brand is still made the traditional way by hand, is a certified organic coconut oil, and has been tested to contain the highest amounts of antioxidants among all other brands of virgin coconut oil in the Philippines.

As the early leader in the coconut oil business fourteen years ago, the Shilhavy’s played a leadership role in defining such terms as “virgin coconut oil” and “unrefined coconut oil” in an industry that had become dominated by inexpensive RBD coconut oils (refined, bleached, and deodorized), although even these coconut oils had become rare in the U.S. market. Coconut oil had gained a bad reputation due to misinformation regarding the proper roles of fats in our diet, and due to the fact that some studies had been conducted on hydrogenated coconut oil, which contain harmful trans-fats. Trans-fats from other hydrogenated polyunsaturated oils, many of which originally replaced healthy coconut oils, are now banned in some cities in the United States. Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat, and its reputation is being turned around today by early innovators like the Shilhavy family and the Gold Label virgin coconut oil product described in the video.

The Tropical Traditions family of customers has exploded in the last twelve years as consumers seek to buy coconut oil from a reliable company with a virgin coconut oil that will support a healthy diet. This product is organic coconut oil and made from the best coconuts from each crop. Filipino producers buy coconuts in bulk selecting the best of the crop to use in their Gold Label virgin coconut oil. These are native Filipinos who have grown up around coconuts and know which coconuts will make the best coconut oil. The producers then sell the rest of the coconuts into the coconut market for other coconut oil companies to use in their coconut oil.

Consumers buying bulk coconut oil can find the Gold Label oil for sale in gallon and five-gallon pails to reduce the cost of using this pure coconut oil for everyday kitchen projects and cosmetic uses. There are options for wholesale coconut oil buyers as well.

Visit the Tropical Traditions website to learn more about our story and to purchase coconut oil:


Fella Rodriguez says:

Yes it is worth it, smell and taster better

Sunita Rao says:

I've been using this on my hair as a mask and it has made my hair look and feel great. I suffer from dry scalp and after I dry my hair, I always get peeling skin right at my hairline, at the top of my forehead. 
It's so incredibly annoying. I dab just a little bit of Merit VCO virgin coconut oil on the 
flaky spots and they behave all day. I am going to give some of this to my 
sister to use on my niece's eczema since I have heard it works wonders there 
Just for fun I rubbed this on my arms and elbows and it worked as a great 
moisturizer with a little sheen, I can see myself using this on my legs 
during the summer!


Virgin Coconut Oil

newmasakr says:

MK Now, I put coconut oil in my coffee eat time I make coffee. The best is to put hot coffee in the blender…and SURPRISE!! It really tastes like “cafe latte”!!
It was recommended to me for keeping the hormonal balance in my body by eliminating the “bad benefits” of coffee.

AskAnEpileptic says:

I just got my gallon shipped, and just ate an omelet cooked with it, very nice product! Great flavor! Thanks! I can't wait to eat healthier, change my lifestyle and hopefully loose more weight, and reap some of thee amazing overwhelming health benefits!!! Nice job advertising and, product comes exactly how advertised, very professional job, A+ keep up the good work!!! Thanks again!

ultslipknot says:

I Love Tropical Traditions… I am expecting my first 5gallon purchase, I am very excited!!!

Aimie Halo Foster says:

Tropical Traditions is the very best!

Highlights Along the Way says:

We LOVE the Tropical Traditions coconut oil! It really is the best we have tried! We are using it for everything from cooking to diaper rash cream – haha!

Nicole Carter says:

I sure want to try this!

TropicalTraditions says:

Many of our skincare products contain a Virgin Coconut Oil and Virgin Palm Oil base! Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is a food, however we do know that other cultures have used it in skincare. Thanks for your comment!



TropicalTraditions says:

@2472769 Organic is defined by USDA organic standards. We often go beyond these standards, however.

TropicalTraditions says:

@2472769 There is no industry standard definition for "Virgin Coconut Oil" as there is in the olive oil industry for "Virgin" and "Extra Virgin" olive oil. Tropical Traditions was the first company to publish standards for the use of "Virgin Coconut Oil" in terms of edible oils. Virgin Coconut Oil can only be achieved by using fresh coconut meat. Chemicals and high heating are not used in further refining, since the natural, pure coconut oil is very stable with a shelf life of several years.



Andrea Tharp says:

this stuff saved our family dog. Stupid little lap-rat eats non things that he shouldn't- like coins. Before we took him to the vet (AGAIN) to have surgery done, I suggested my mom gave him some. Problem solved, without surgery!

MsMzphit says:

I use it in my hair and add it to my lotions.

indigotravel says:

I'm a massage therapist and I let my clients choose what oil and lotion they want me to use on them and so many go for the coconut oil because of the way it smells and feels, it works very well for massage 🙂

TropicalTraditions says:

@mantis365 Our Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is the only brand on the market that is not mass produced by machine. We value the time honored traditional way it is produced by hand on small family farms and have no plans to change it. Thanks for your comment!

noel nunez says:

@tropical……With the growing demands for your product I hope you wont change the traditional ways o f making it just to cope with the demands…….We the consumers would know the difference so please dont change it ……

TropicalTraditions says:

@itoako61 You can go to our site to see if there is a retail location near you or you can simply order directly from our site for delivery to your door! Thanks!

TropicalTraditions says:

@itoako61 The non-certified has not been certified USDA organic, however these coconuts are collected for unpolluted areas and it is very rare to use chemicals in their production. More info in our FAQ on our site. Thanks!

Angie Roberts says:

I love virgin coconut oil. I cook with it alot.

xylenebw says:

When I was in the Philippines, we always get coconut milk the traditional way. I love young coconut meat and coconut water (juice) from young coconuts 🙂

ALPHAandOMEGA44 says:



TropicalTraditions says:

@TypesALot Individual results are going to vary widely. Glad to hear you are enjoying the recipes and hope you find you'll enjoy introducing this nutritious oil into your diet!

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